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Why Simplify

What is
The 28 Simple living?

The 28 Simple Living is a plan features weekly focus, daily inspiration and tips and sharing with like minded parents. It is designed primarily to help transform your life with more time for connection and cultivate at least one new habit to a more fulfilling lifestyle!

This challenge is an inspiration from learnings and experiences from Simplicity Parenting and being a mother and a meditator.

I struggle like many parents to balance family, work and personal life. Sometimes I feel life is taking me to many directions. I have been searching and wondering how I can change and build habits so that I am living a more authentic and fulfilling lifestyle. Through years of making mistakes, struggles and learning, I slowly to start understanding profoundly about the beauty of simplification and the benefit of changing my habits to support my dream lifestyle.
I look forward to simplifying, learning and sharing 28 days with you!

I look forward to simplify, learn and share 28 days with you!