Circle of Changes | Why all mothers should meditate!
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Why all mothers should meditate!

31 Aug Why all mothers should meditate!


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As mothers, we all know what a huge blessing – and monumental task – it is to be the custodian, caretaker, and guide for another human life. While no day is ever the same, the goal of each day is – to be calm, kind, compassionate, and nurturing (or whichever other maternal and feminine adjectives you would like to add in).

But being these things, in the midst of the chaos, noise, and constant rushing, can feel impossible.

Even the best intention mothers have the moment of weakness, finding themselves choosing to yell, show frustration, and hurry their children along just because it’s easier. The need to control what’s happening and the desire to be productive lead mothers, too busy to do what we know is right, and tempted more than ever to find the fast, easy, instantly gratifying hacks to motherhood.

Being a mom is the greatest gift we are given. Each moment, each breath a true re astray from what they know is right.

In other words, today, perhaps more than ever, we are distracted from our maternal intuminder of our powerful ability to create life. As creators, we are designed to be creative, to enjoy the freedom that comes with exploration. If we’re not careful, each day that goes by is a missed opportunity to witness the magic of motherhood.

What’s a mother to do to make sure that she doesn’t miss a thing?


Meditation gives us as mothers the powerful reminder of being present – and the beauty of witnessing, rather than controlling, the natural unfolding of life. When we meditate, we remember that life, much like our thoughts, is always flowing. Trying to stop it is tiresome and fruitless. And, more importantly, why would you want to stop the outpouring of creation?

Taking time each day to meditate can help us remember to step back and marvel at the creation before us. Rather than rushing our children along so that we can stay on our schedule, why not allow your schedule to amend for them? Why not stop an extra moment or two to notice the bug or the flower that has happened to cross your path? Why not laugh as your child jumps on your freshly made bed instead of choosing to get angry or scold?

Being too rigid, too eager to stay in control is a mother’s worst mistake because it causes her to become blind to the everyday beauty that’s in front of her. By meditating, we allow ourselves to move into a space of softness, priming our senses for exploration and joy. Rather than giving in to the world that tells us to do more, be more, achieve more, meditation tells us to simply let things be and to enjoy what comes.

As a mother, there is no greater task, or joy, than doing just this.

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