Circle of Changes | the 28 FAQ page
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the 28 FAQ page


It feels good to simplify life.

Here are some frequently asked questions and references:


Is there a fee to join the 28 simple living?

No. This challenge is completely free. However, it requires a commitment to stay with the process for 28 days and an open mind and heart to reconnect with your inner wisdom and reflect.


What do I need to do to join the 28 simple living?

Just sign up! You will receive daily inspirations and tips on

  • Why understanding the inspirations and desires are important to help us staying on the path of simple living.
  • How to stay connected with rhythm and bring a sense of ease and peace to life.
  • Find out what to see about our schedule with a different perspective and the impact they have on us and with our life.
  • What if you have simple tools to slow down and be more presence?




I am not a parent, can I join too?