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04 Nov Moving

Life has taken my family and me to a new and familiar place.
I grew up in Northern California and moved to Southern California when I became a mother.  After eight joyful years in Southern California, we are back!
I noticed how uncomfortable I was during the process of selling the house, finding a new school for my children, and moving.  There are doubts of not knowing if this is the right decision for the whole family but what is surprising to me is during this transition, the sense of uneasiness kept me on my toes and allowed me to be more presence from moment to moment.  I learned to appreciate every person I encountered,  places I visited and experiences I had during the last three months I was in Southern California.
There are also excitement and embarrassment of re-connecting with friends I know since 20 years ago in Northern California. I am beyond thrilled to reconnect with that sense of familiarity and the pureness of childhood friends. I am feeling this sense of unsettling  at first about changes that comes with life physically, emotionally and spiritually. It all work out well! We all grew older,wiser and funnier!
I realized that the beauty of going through significant change was to allow myself to follow the ride. No judgment, be receptive and allows me to immerse in the excitement of being in a new environment.
I would love to hear your experiences about significant changes in What thoughts come more strongly during the transition? What is the one thing that you do to embrace the change or what is one challenge that you are struggling? Leave me comments!


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