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16 Apr Mending mistakes?

I went to a talk about the L.O.V.E. approach with discipline tonight. It was not at all what I thought it is. The speaker spoke about birth and the spirit of the child.  She then focused on 4 senses of the children. At the end,...

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07 Mar Gratitude

We started trying something different at our dinner table. We each say something about what we are grateful for the day. My six years old normally said something that is silly and giggled the whole time. My husband said with questioning mind on what is this all about. I...

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15 Jun Coming along

I am excited that things are coming along for the website. I need to work on put in more information and contents. Engaging this part of me on doing this brings joys, which allows me to be a "fuller" mother and be able to give more...

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13 Apr Independent!

As I am sitting in front of my computer and reflecting my day. I am quite enjoying the silence of the night. Something about it is very magical.   Alone time is precious, which I am sure most mothers can relate. As I am typing away, I...

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01 Apr Full Moon

I am still filling the effect of a full moon - the illumination and intensification. I had an intense talk with husband tonight for filing income tax. Always a tough topic. We were able to speak and not argued.  I felt exhausted and vulnerable after the...

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