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Author: coc

04 Nov Moving

Life has taken my family and me to a new and familiar place. I grew up in Northern California and moved to Southern California when I became a mother.  After eight joyful years in Southern California, we are back! I noticed how uncomfortable I was during the...

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04 Nov Barefoot movement

This is an incredible talks about a movement in India to educate rural women and men in India to become solar engineers, dentists, artisans or doctors. This talk really got me re-think about what education for my children means.  I have always hope and want  my children to cultivating...

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20 Nov Conception to birth

I am always in awe of the mystery of the process of conception, pregnancy to birth. Our body intuitively knows the structures and algorithm for the process. This talk said it well - mystery, magic, divinity and beyond comprehension. Here is the talk: Conception to birth - visualized...

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