Finding Love In The Daily Grind  

9/10/2017 - 9/17/2017

Love what you do so that you do what you love.

Seven days of finding LOVE and PEACE in the daily grind and start to enjoy where you are in your life, to honor, check in yourself and re-ignite the curiosity for the possibility. During our seven days of gathering, you will receive the daily email and an FB group for us to connect and share. If you live in Santa Cruz area, I will also host a live gathering on 9/16 4pm-5pm at Pacific Cultural Center.

Experience your life differently and discover the treasures that you already have in your life!  

Honor Yourself

Experience the joy and love of check in with your spirits in the midst of responsibilities and chaos!

More Time

Exerience the harmony of being in the flow of ease even in the midst of the list of to do beteween house chore, work, children activities ... etc.

Power of Support

Experiencing the magic of receiving and giving and being connected and supported with a like minded comunity. 

Experience life with more LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY

What Can You receive from "Finding Love From Daily Grind." ?

Meditation tips and technique

To identify the needs and wants behind the reaction  

Finding the center place within in the midst of stress/overwhelming so that you can choose to respond instead of react

Tips to be structure yet being in the flow

Learn what is rhythm  

How to establish rhythm so that it better support schedule decision. 

Learn how rhythm supports transitions of daily life. 


Tips on finding the beauty in the midst of daily grind

Discover how to stay open and connect to the warmth in your hearts when you are washing dishes or sweeping the floors and most importantly being present with your love ones.

Motherhood, Meditation, Metamorphosis

About Martina Lin

I’m Martina Lin, coach, mother, meditative guide, and the catalyst behind Inner Alchemy. Through my work, I help women longing for something beyond their current life, something more meaningful and powerful and real. I’m so glad you’ve found your way here, because there’s so much I want to tell you.  

Finding Love In The Daily Grid